April goals; yes, I know we’re in to April now IT’S NOW MAY (!?!) but I feel the need to get some goals down – cause they are written but not “out there” and I’m slacking well let’s call it “failing forward” (as Ann Voskamp spoke of regarding daughters piano recital)

Personal goals:
*finish reading “say goodbye to survival mode” by Crystal Paine and You’re going to be okay” by Holley Gerth  May update: finished “Say Goodbye”. “You’re OK” will have to wait until June to get back to it
*finish the “Holey, Wholly, Holy” companion workbook by Kris Camealy May update: still slowly plugging along
*blog 2 times (1 being these goals; 2 being my thoughts on chocolate, stay tuned) May update: well you can see that didn’t happen; so we’ll just keep it on the list
*practice kindness, mercy, forgiveness; live transformed; grace; renewed May update:  still working on this, it will stay on my list
*choose JOY, taking refuge in my Lord and Savior; remembering who I am because of Him May update:  still working on this, it will stay on my list

Health/fitness goals:
*exercise 20-30 minutes 5 days per week May update:  still working on this, it will stay on my list
*complete 5k on the 26th run/jogging 75% of the time; bonus goal – achieve a PR (personal record) YES! I did this! (by a whole 38 seconds)
*eat clean, whole food 90% of the week Probably more at a 70% but still getting better and will continue to work on it

Home management:
*utilize chore chart 2-3 days per week has not been happening; someday (but why not today?)
*try Thursdays for grocery shopping for 3 weeks has not happened yet
*create an “ideal” weekend schedule this is changing to “how much fun can we fit into this summer” (with some pretty big HAVE TO’s)

*1 date night – scheduled We’ve had one in April and one in May
*weekly at home dates “kinda sorta” could be better 

*enjoy Easter together YES! It was great!

*cash spending mostly keeping to cash
*budget dates has not happened

Goals for Year:
*read through the Bible (over 100 days in now & still on track) YouVersion plan “Reading God’s Story: One-Year Chronological Plan” (Day 108I’m still slowly plugging away (a few days “behind” though)
*2 weekend trips with hubby (with no kids) (also a marriage goal) (have 1 scheduled to celebrate our anniversary) Had our early anniversary night away and it was awesome!