November – A month of Thanksgiving

Well, a little late but I will hit that publish button anyhow… Even though it’s now January 2014…

31 days of October are gone; November is upon us; 8 weeks until 2014; time goes by so fast and all my good intentions are just that intentions & fruit? Not seeing it (much). So I will be studying Nehemiah (ends at Thanksgiving); finishing the Hello Mornings Glorious Grace study; and seeking something for Advent. November and December will be a chance to slow and seek His face, give thanks no matter my circumstances, and keep on keeping on. I printed a freebie from Elissa Pullium on embracing transformation through intentionally giving thanks (here)

So my friend Eliza posted ( ) about finishing the year strong. My friend Heather talks of being still and having a melodious heart (; the inspiring Ann Voskamp talks of counting gifts and living a life of eucharisteo

This year I chose a “one word” instead of resolutions – it being Eucharisteo: living a life of grace, thanksgiving, joy.

It ties into so much of what I’ve learned yet am still learning to apply: being transformed, sanctified, testing to know the will of God, shining bright the light Christ has provided in me, seeking Him first.

So as I seek to finish this year strong, refocusing on the priority of my walk with God I ask (borrowed & revised from Katie Orr at Hello Mornings Call to Prayer) that you would join me as I pray for wisdom and direction; that I be ever on the heels of Gods will; that I would stay in step with His Spirit; that He would make it clear what my “wall” is like He did for Nehemiah.

As I do this, I will continue to work on creating daily household chore habits (have slacked off for a while); eating whole healthy foods (Daniel Plan inspired); and exercising. While being the best wife, momma, friend & employee I can be.

How can I pray for you?

Grace & peace…

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