HOME – Five Minute Fridays

Joining the crew at LisaJo Five Minute Friday

Home is where the heart is

Home is what you make it

It’s what this momma makes

My home may (well, yes it is) filled with cat & dog hair, dust bunnies, a stinky fish tank, dishes overflowing the sink and clean dishes in the dishwasher; clean clothes piled all over the table And chairs, dirty clothes overflowing the laundry room and becoming an oversize litter box and pAper EVERYWHERE


My husband and children know that I love them well and in the end that’s what matters to this momma – the heart of the home is my momma heart loving my family well, forgiving them and offering the grace and love and forgiveness I’ve received from my Heavenly Father who looks beyond the mess of myself and welcomes

STOP….five minute timer just when off

17 thoughts on “HOME – Five Minute Fridays

  1. Love this! Love the mess and the final paragraph of love. You are so right that THAT is what makes a home!!

    Grace and peace to you, sweet Heidi. Missing all of the Threadbare Mommas but not missing Facebook during this lent season ๐Ÿ™‚

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