DIVE – Five Minute Friday


Five minute Friday and the word is DIVE.  Timer is set and I’m ready to dive into writing.

Five Minute Friday

Dive – high dive, low dive, deep end, shallow end

Where will I dive from and into what?

I’m diving into a life of eucharisteo for 2013.  I am diving into the deep end of life with God and family and community; a life full of joy, thankfulness, gratitude, extending grace to myself and others.

It’s scary to dive into the deep end, what happens if I get weary and begin to fail……….but God is there, He is my shelter and my daddy, he will carry me when I’m weak and give me rest and rejuvenation to fly and soar on His eagle’s wings.

DIVE……..dove into the blogging world with intermittent posts, but maybe, just maybe, with the help of God I’ll post once a week with the Lisa-Jo Baker and the Five Minute Friday community.  A blessing to share with others and a blessing to receive what others have written.


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