Opportunity – Five Minute Friday

Joining with http://lisajobaker.com/2013/01/five-minute-friday-opportunity-2/#comments

This week the word is Opportunity, set the timer for five minutes and this is what I wrote:

New Year New Opportunity

fresh page, clean slate, pure, nothing left from the past

We have new fresh opportunity every moment of every day (if we choose to take it)

Definition: It is an appropriate time or occasion.

How many times have I declined the opportunity to share grace, patience, joy and thankfulness? (way more than I care to admit)

The opportunity truly is always there an I want to take advantage of it this year; to be so full of the Spirit I have no choice but to share the grace, peace, patience, joy, thankfulness in my heart. the eucharisteo of life

4 thoughts on “Opportunity – Five Minute Friday

    1. Thanks for visiting! I read your post but commenting on blogs while on an iPhone is difficult – it freezes up on me 😦

      I love the image of a feast – it reminds me we are God’s precious and beloved daughters with the best available to us

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