Good Morning!

Reading Scripture, doing Bible studies,reading books/blogs/posts/tweets from Godly people is a wonderful blessing

I’m finding:
We all struggle
We are in that boat in Galilee together, taking those trusting steps out in the water
We are encouraging one another
We are lifting one another
We are teaching, warning one another
All to bring glory to God; giving thanks to Him for all He does for us

It’s a beautiful wonderful circle if community spiraling up to God



I was trying to do a link up; somehow (I hit the button?) to publish a photo but it published the post instead.

I’ve deleted the post so you will not find anything there (an email alert went to subscribers)

I’m sorry; I’m still learning!

Thank you for patience and understanding. I’ll be trying again later.

Have a peaceful and graceful day!



Five minute Friday
Where I come from – familial ancestral roots

What I pray are growing – keeping me rooted in faith in God in His love

What I pray I have taught my children to cling to – the history of family and Christ

Reminds me of the movie roots (dating myself) or was there a remake

Roots – planted by a stream to grow deep and strong and always nourished; providing rest and peace to others

Five minutes done

Thank you, LisaJo!